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Excursion Pompeii excavation

Excursion Pompeii excavation - half day 4 hours tour (approx)

No visit to southern Italy would be complete without a visit to the unique ruins of Pompeii, and this tour is perfect if you're short of time. Explore the ancient city covered by volcanic dust from Mt Vesuvius in AD 79, and see the excavated remains of the Forum, Thermal Baths, Lupanare and Vetti's House.

- 4-hour Pompeii from Sorrento
- Guided tour of Pompeii's most famous sites
- This is a great shore excursion from Sorrento visiting Pompeii
- Tour the Forum, Thermal Baths, Lupanare and Vetti's House
- Hotel and cruise pick-up and drop-off

Useful Information:

On a fateful summer's day in 79AD, Mt Vesuvius erupted, spewing volcanic ash over the village of Pompeii. Unaware of the imminent danger, most people continued on with their daily lives and as a result the entire town and around 20,000 of its inhabitants were buried under tons of ash and pumice.
Almost 2,000 years later, you have the opportunity to explore the preserved ruins of this famous disaster.Your guide will show you fascinating places such as The Forum, Thermal Baths, Lupanare and Vetti's House with its beautiful frescos.Before returning to Sorrento, you'll have approximately 30 minutes to spend at leisure in Pompeii - a great opportunity to shop, enjoy lunch or simply relax!
A visit to Pompeii is a trip not to be missed for any visitor to this region of Italy.